Scottish Wedding Traditions Town Procession Bagpipers

On the day of the wedding virtually the entire village would turn out to form a procession leading the happy couple to the church, where two wedding services were traditionally held.

  • The first service was held just outside the doors of the church, where the priest would marry the couple in the Scottish language.
  • Once the Scottish ceremony was finished, the priest would lead the entire procession into the church where the ceremony would be performed once more, only this time in Latin.
  • At the end of the ceremony the bride and groom would exchange rings, the circular ring with no beginning and no end being the symbol of never-ending love, and then the couple would kiss their wedding kiss in front of all their assembled witnesses.
  • Following the ceremony the entire wedding party would be piped (led by bagpipers) to a relative‚Äôs home for a lavish wedding reception/party.
  • Here the pipers would play lively up-beat tunes for hours on end and outdoor feasting and dancing and general merrymaking would begin and often last the entire night.
  • Traditionally the first dance of the night, customarily a reel, was led by the wedding couple, after which everyone joined in and the festivities went on non-stop.

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